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Our open source

It happens many times in our work that we are forced to create a component that does not exist or does not meet our requirements. If i tis possible, we are happy to contribute to the software open source community.

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JAM - java annotation mapper

Java Annotation Mapper - in short JAM is primarily (but not only) a mapping library that can map values from one type of object to another. Currently, most programmers use libraries such as the dozer library. But JAM is different. You just need to put it on classpath only during compilation, when it analyzes objects and generates source code. Such generated mappers can be very easily combined with custom method implementations. The result is simple, clean and clear code that is fast at runtime — more than 1000 times faster than the dozer.

File Manager pre Angular 6+

Many applications need to upload files or work with the directory structure on the server. Users are demanding when using such components because they expect the functionality and convenience of the regular movie managers that are part of their computer equipment. ng6-file-man is a component with support for multilingual i18n and, if necessary, its own layouts, which have the most frequently required functionalities of such components built in — for example, DRAG & DROP for file upload.